About Us

WAMITAB is an awarding organisation and charity that develops qualifications for those working in cleaning; street cleansing; facilities management; resource management and recycling and parking from operative through to management level. 

Since it was formed in 1989, WAMITAB has evolved in line with the convergence between the sectors with a clear focus on promoting and supporting environmental sustainability.  With over 120 qualification pathways and 70 quality assured centres, WAMITAB offers an unrivalled specialist network to support staff development. 

We work directly with industry leaders to shape and deliver employer-led qualifications that provide individuals with fit-for-purpose skills for the workplace.  Our values are underpinned by the desire to see every individual being given the opportunity to learn.  By qualifying the workforce, we aim to embed a culture of safety and progression, making the industry more attractive as a career.

We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting technical competence in the industry via regulated programmes and accreditation of in-house training schemes.




For further information, or to work with us on developing qualifications, training, community or technology projects, please contact us