Apprenticeship Funding

Apprenticeships can have significant benefits for your organisation and government funding is available to cover the cost of training an apprentice in the UK – so all you need to cover is the wages.

As apprenticeship funding is different across each of the 4 UK nations (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), we recommend that you visit the most relevant of the following websites to your business:

England: Employer incentive AGE 16-24 (available until December 2014)

The AGE 16 to 24 Grant for Employers aims to support businesses to recruit individuals aged 16 to 24 into employment though the Apprenticeship programme. This incentive targets employers with less than 1000 employees, who are new to Apprenticeships or have not enrolled an employee onto an Apprenticeship programme in the previous12 months.

The National Apprenticeship Service will provide AGE 16 to 24 to eligible employers with an individual value of £1,500. Employers can be paid ten grants in total during the lifetime of the initiative.

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Northern Ireland: Department for Education and Learning (NI)

For those aged under 25 years, the full costs of ‘off-the-job’ training for the duration of the apprenticeship will be paid.

Incentive payments are also available for employers whose employees successfully complete the ApprenticeshipNI programme. This incentive ranges from £250 to £1,500, depending on the complexity and level of the apprenticeship undertaken.

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Scotland: Skills Development Scotland

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) can contribute towards the cost of this training for employees aged 16 to 24; however, businesses are expected to pay the apprentices salary. Other sources of funding include:

  • Commonwealth Games skills legacy − payments of £1,500 for 16 to 19 year olds who undertake a Modern Apprenticeship in a sports or 2014 Games-related discipline
  • Employer Recruitment Incentive  − employers can receive a payment of £1,500 when they take on a young person aged 16-24 who is a care leaver, ex-young offender or young carer.
  • Adopt an Apprentice − this helps cover the wage and recruitment costs - up to £2,000 − of taking on a Modern Apprentice who has been made redundant from another employer

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Wales: Welsh Government Young Recruits Programme

The Young Recruits Programme is an all Wales programme that provides financial support to employers offering high quality apprenticeship programmes to recruit and train additional young apprentices (16-24 year olds). To be eligible, all employers must: 

  • Be able to offer (a) full time additional apprenticeship place(s)
  • Be paying the appropriate minimum wage for apprentices
  • Be able to evidence payment to their learner with certified copies of wage slips or bank statement.

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