Operator Competence

What is the Operator Competence Scheme?

The operator competence scheme (sometimes known as a “WAMITAB” or CoTC) is designed to allow permitted waste facilities in England and Wales to demonstrate they employ technically competent people with the knowledge and skills to ensure waste sites comply with Environmental Permitting Regulations (2007). For further information on the Competence Arrangements across the UK use the buttons on the right.

Why do I need to participate?

The CIWM/WAMITAB Operator Competence Scheme was approved by Defra and the Welsh Assembly Government for England and Wales on December 22nd 2008. Participation in the scheme provides evidence of the technical knowledge needed on a waste site and can be required by employers based in the waste industry - for further information download the Frequently Asked Questions document using the buttons on the right. 

How do I join the scheme?

WAMITAB will help Operators to understand the choices of qualification/units or training programme(s) which may be relevant to the Technical Competence Provision for waste facility operations - this process starts by using the risk tier table

Operator Competence Scheme

Latest Changes to Technical Competence

Competence Arrangements

EA Enforcement Guidance

Risk Tier Table (England)

Risk Tier Table (Wales)

Table 1: Operator Competence Codes (Northern Ireland)

Please note: it remains the responsibility of the Operator, in discussion with the appropriate Regulatory Agency, to ensure that the qualification, units or training programme selected for that activity is appropriate for their site. 

For reference relevant agencies are as follows:

     - England Environment Agency (EA)
     - Natural Resources Wales
     - Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA)
     - Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Links to each of these agencies websites can be found on the waste resources page.