WAMITAB works with businesses to improve their performance through learning and technology. We understand that people and their personal development is critical for the success of any business, so ensuring employees are safe, compliant and equipped with the right skills for the role they undertake is a priority.

Our Offer


We offer a wide range of industry-specific qualifications designed to meet the needs your business by providing the workforce with required skills.

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We have developed a series of industry-specific apprenticeship programmes to help employers to develop their workforce. 

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Accreditation provides national recognition of the added value an employer developed training programme or course brings to their workforce. 

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Validate is designed to assess employees who have developed the competences to perform their job to the required standard.

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This programme provides waste industry specific health and safety training materials that can be delivered in-house over 1.5 days. 

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We provide an overview of the funding opportunities available to employers across the UK and offer a free eligibility calculator service.

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Employer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Each WAMITAB qualification is made up of units. We offer the units within our qualifications as standalone products as this method of achievement is perfect for those that need evidence of their competence and knowledge, but require a more flexible approach to learning than a full qualification offers.

If you have any queries about our units or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.