Regulation in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Technical Competence Arrangements: England and Wales

On 6 April 2008, the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2007 (EPR07) came into force. At the same time, the Waste Management Licensing Regulations (England and Wales) 2003, were repealed. This has brought about changes in the way that the Technical Competence provision can be demonstrated by the relevant manager, or managers, at the ‘Permitted' waste management facility.

WAMITAB and CIWM have developed an Operator Competence Scheme, accepted by Defra/WAG, to meet the EPR07 regulations within England and Wales. To accompany this scheme, WAMITAB has produced a number of guidance documents to assist operators in determining the appropriate awards and pathways to demonstrate current and future competence arrangements. These include provision to ensure Continuing Competence.

Existing COTC holders and those individuals who have previously relied on Deemed Competence can click here to identify how the changes in the regulations affect them. Operators of facilities that have yet to be ‘permitted' can click on the relevant guidance on the right to determine their Technical Competence requirements.

Technical Competence Arrangements: Scotland

The Waste Management Licensing Regulations (Scotland) 2003 were revised in March 2011. There is no longer a legal requirement for a Technically Competent Person in Scotland to hold a COTC. COTCs remain an appropriate qualification to demonstrate competence in Scotland and can be used on a voluntary basis. Operators in Scotland Should contact their SEPA regulatory officer in the first instance to check other competence arrangements.

Technical Competence Arrangements: Northern Ireland

The Waste Management Licensing Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003 remain in force with no change in the Technical Competence requirements in the Province as a result of the regulatory changes that took place in England and Wales on 6 April 2008 with the enactment of the Environmental Permitting Regulations (2007).

In Northern Ireland, the Certificate of Technical Competence (COTC) remains the primary means for managers of appropriate Waste Management facilities to demonstrate their Technical Competence in accordance with the Waste Management Licensing Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003.

Managers who wish to achieve an appropriate COTC should refer to the following chart which determines the appropriate qualification for the required COTC: Link to COTC chart.