The benefits of studying for a BPA-WAMITAB award

BPA-WAMITAB qualifications meet the knowledge, skills and development needs of the parking profession, as agreed by employers and consumer groups. Your customers and clients will be impressed when you say that either you or your staff are independently qualified to a nationally recognised standard.

Employers will also know that they can rely on the professionalism of job applicants who have been awarded regulated parking qualifications. Employers increasingly recognise the value of professional parking qualifications as a qualified workforce has the talent and determination to succeed. Qualified employees are less likely to make mistakes, and they also demonstrate a greater commitment to the parking profession, increasing staff retention.

Qualifications have a beneficial impact on the parking profession as a whole. This is why we are so keen to promote nationally accredited qualifications, focusing on essential skills identified through on-going research and feedback from the profession.

Approved BPA-WAMITAB qualifications are recognised as the industry-standard. Our qualifications comply with rigorous national standards regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). Ofqual accreditation gives students, partners, employers and the public confidence that our qualifications are delivered by an organisation whose integrity, consistency, resources and competence have been independently checked.

BPA-WAMITAB qualifications can also be used and transferred throughout Europe as part of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), providing recognition across the Continent and increasing the value of your achievement.

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