WAMITAB accreditation provides independent professional confirmation that a company’s training and development programme meets or exceeds WAMITAB minimum standards and will support learners’ professional development.

What pathways are available?

WAMITAB Accredit provides two quality assured pathways:

  • WA1 allows companies to gain a WAMITAB stamp of approval for their programme recognising that it is capable of delivering the stated objectives and learning outcomes (please note: accreditation costs £500 per day of course and we offer an optional certification service of £12.50 per certificate).
  • WA2 maps their in-house training programme or course against known industry benchmarks and standards to provide formal certification (please note: prices may vary depending on the complexity and volume of course materials being mapped. Certification for this pathway is compulsory at £12.50 per certificate).

Why choose Accredit?

When achieved, accreditation provides national recognition of the added value an employer developed training programme or course brings to their workforce in terms of quality, job specific knowledge, skills and experience. 

How do I get started?

To start the Accredit process applicants should complete an Expression of Interest Form available to download using the buttons on the right hand side and return it to the Accredit Team at