WAMITAB & Public Benefit

WAMITAB is registered as a ‘not-for-profit’ charity with the Charity Commission and our activities encompass a number of charitable purposes which have far reaching benefits for:

* the advancement of environmental protection and improvement
* conservation of the environment
* the promotion of sustainable development

WAMITAB plays a key role in ensuring employees across the waste and resource management industry have the necessary skills and competence to introduce and maintain sustainable waste management practices for the benefit (and safety) of individuals and the public. Although our focus remains on those employed in this industry it is also of benefit to the wider community through the more efficient use of resources and the advancement of environmental protection.

In recent years, our objectives have expanded to encompass new industries and the broader educational requirements associated with them. We are now focusing on developing the capabilities, competencies, skills, knowledge and understanding of individuals across cleaning, facilities management and parking as these industries converge with waste management.