WAMITAB Eligibility Calculator: The Process

Step 1: Communication:

Announce across the organisation that you are launching a new programme to develop the workforce over the next 12 months. Communicate that you are aiming to increase the training investment into the company and by using the eligibility calculator you are looking to identify the level of funding you can access to support this.  From our side, we will provide you with a simple email link which connects to the electronic form. A timeframe will be agreed with you for completion with a clear start and end date.

Step 2: Submission

Each individual employee completes the online form and submits it there and then.  This will automatically record the information with WAMITAB, who maintain the details confidentially.  

Step 3: Analysis

Once the set time frame has concluded, WAMITAB will complete a detailed analysis of the forms that have been submitted.

Step 4: Progress Report

From this, we will provide a simple overview report highlighting the initial findings, including information such as how many forms were completed and the number of employees eligible to receive some form of funded training.  This will be discussed with you directly.

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Please note: online form can also be supplied to you on a PDF to print out and arrange for the individuals to complete manually – email info.admin@wamitab.org.uk to request this form.