WAMITAB in the News (2013)

The following table highlights our press activity over the year. Please feel free to follow the links to articles, or follow our activity through the social media channels - twitter, facebook or linkedin.




MRW Exporting expertise 03/13
MRW Industry body highlights compliance test deadline 03/13
MRW RWM in partnership with CIWM 2013  04/13
RWW WAMITAB appoints Ceris Burns as PR agent 06/13
cbipr WAMITAB confirms commitment to raising industry standards by launching new awareness campaign 06/13
cbipr The convergence of cleaning and waste management 06/13
Cleanzine WAMITAB and Amaryllis: transforming the lives of ex-offenders 06/13
FMJ  Ex-offender industry skills development programme launches 06/13
cbipr Inspiring events increase knowledge and showcase innovation 06/13
FMJ Leading awarding organisation announces a raft of new skills initiatives 06/13
Sustainable Review Skills Village makes debut at waste management show 06/13
cbipr Leading awarding organisation partners with industry experts to provide a hub for information and discussion  on skills-related issues 07/13
Cleaning Hub WAMITAB and Amaryllis: transforming the lives of ex-offenders 08/13
Cleanzine WAMITAB hosts Skills village at RWM 2013 08/13
Skip Hire  WAMITAB 08/13
RWM Learn new skills in the WAMITAB Skills Village 08/13
British Vehicle Salvage Federation CIWM and WAMITAB announce changes to Continuing Competence Scheme 08/13
RWW CIWM and WAMITAB unveil changes to continuing competence scheme 08/13
Hub WAMITAB hosts Skills village at RWM 2013  08/13 
Lets Recycle Changes to Continuing Competence Scheme unveiled                        08/13 
Agg Net WAMITAB Skills Village at RWM 2013  08/13 
Hub WAMITAB Skills Village unveiled 08/13
RWM  CIWM and WAMITAB announce changes to Continuing Competence Scheme  08/13 
LAWR New Skills Village to fuel industry talent 09/13 
RWW Ensuring Employees Stay Safe and Sound 09/13 
MRW Inspiration for the waste industry 09/13 
CIWM Setting the Skills Agenda 09/13 
Cleaning Matters Improving standards through qualifications in cleaning  10/13
RWW New You, New Future: Waste Changes Lives  10/13
CIWM  Take the Pledge  10/13 
Tomorrow's Cleaning  The Village People  10/13
WMW UK Waste, Recycling and Energy Industry to Benefit from Skills Boost 10/13 
Parking News  Tools for the Job  10/13
Skip Hire  Success for the Skills Village at RWM 2013  10/13
Skip Hire  Working together for risk prevention  10/13 
ATF Professional  Changes to Continuing Competence Scheme  10/13
Recovered Fibre News Big Business Success at RWM 10/13 
Tomorrow's Cleaning  WAMITAB welcomes Government funding for Energy and Utility Skills  11/13 
Cleaning Matters  Mutual benefits boost convergence of cleaning and waste management industries  11/13 
LCRN Fully Funded WAMITAB Level 2 Qualifications 11/13
BCR The right skills for the job: WAMITAB Skills Village at RWM 2013 11/13
BCC The British Cleaning Council Announces WAMITAB as 22nd member 11/13
CHT WAMITAB joins the board of the British Cleaning Council  11/13
Cleanzine WAMITAB becomes British Cleaning Council's 22nd Member 11/13
Skip Hire Funding for Training 11/13
Cleaning Matters Making healthcare cleaning a qualified success 12/13
Hub  WAMITAB welcomes government funding for utility skills training  12/13 
Parking Network The BPA and WAMITAB work together to deliver sector specific qualifications 12/13
Skip Hire WAMITAB Countdown to Continuing Competence 12/13
Parking News The Cloak of Invisibility 12/13