WAMITAB in the News (2014)

The following table highlights our press activity over the year. Please feel free to follow the links to articles, or follow our activity through the social media channels - twitterfacebook or linkedin.




Cleaning Matters Do qualifications pay? 01/14
Hot Courses Q & A with WAMITAB                                                                      01/14
FM World  Firms in waste sector respond to need for training  01/14 
RWW  WAMITAB skills survey gives snapshot of employers' view on skills development 01/14 
Tomorrow's Cleaning Tomorrows Cleaning Awards 2014: Skills Village WAMITAB 01/14 
CHT  Skills Survey – companies place high importance on staff training  01/14 
Cleanzine  Skills survey gives snapshot of employers' views on workplace skills development  01/14 
Parking News  BPA joins forces with WAMITAB  01/14 
Parking News  Have you heard?  01/14 
Skip Hire  Skills for Success  02/14 
Skip Hire  WAMITAB Skills Survey gives snapshot of employers' views on workplace  skills development  02/14 
Cleaning Matters  Skills in Sustainability 02/14 
Tomorrow's Cleaning  WAMITAB Skills Survey Gives Workplace Snapshot  02/14 
Cleaning Matters The importance of apprenticehips - just ask Rachel 02/14
Tomorrow's Cleaning  Industry desires on-line learning and short courses  03/14 
Cleaning & Maintenance  WAMITAB reveals skills survey findings  03/14 
The Voice (BCC)  The British Cleaning Council Welcome WAMITAB  03/14 
Tomorrow's Cleaning   No laughing matter  03/14 
MRW  How to get on in recycling  03/14 
Tomorrow's Cleaning  Qualifications count  03/14 
CIWM  Continuing Competence  03/14 
Skip Hire  Surfability: Making the most of the resources on the internet  03/14 
Cleaning Matters  The value of waste makes it even more valuable  04/14 
Skip Hire  Continuing Competence New Syllabus from 7 April  04/14 
Tomorrow's Cleaning WAMITAB Launches Validate 04/14
Cleaning & Maintenance WAMITAB launches Validate 05/14
Cleaning Hub WAMITAB launches Validate 05/14
Cleaning & Hygiene 2014 Qualifications - the route to quality cleaning 05/14
Cleaning Matters On the job assessment works 05/14
Resource Management & Recovery  Building on experience 05/14 
CBIPR WAMITAB Case Study 05/14
Skip Hire WAMITAB launches Validate 05/14
Cleaning Matters Cleaning matters for people - and vehicles - on the move 06/14
Cleaning Matters Raising awareness of the asbestos issue 06/14
Skip Hire WAMITAB: waste hierarchy and compliance 07/14
Cleaning Matters Waste means business 08/14
Skip Hire Qualifying your workforce to meet your business needs  08/14
Cleaning Matters Cleaning and the circular economy 08/14
British Cleaning Council Focus on WAMITAB 25 years and still going strong 08/14
Skip Hire Magazine Celebrating 25 years of developing qualifications 08/14
Skip Hire Magazine Skills for a circular economy 09/14
Waste Management Yearbook WAMITAB's perspectives on the industry and skills for 2014 09/14
MRW Training boosts business success 09/14
Cleaning Matters Funding for cleaning qualifications 10/14
Skip Hire Magazine  Risk management: making the waste and recycling industry safer  10/14 
Government Business WAMITAB 10/14
Cleaning & Maintenance Funding available for cleaning qualifications 11/14
British Cleaning Council WAMITAB secures funding from Skills Agency 12/14