Health and Safety

Waste and resource management

The waste and resource management industry has become one of the UK’s most dangerous sectors of employment with 97 workers and 19 members of the public fatally injured during waste and recycling activities between 2004 and 2012 while a further 3,722 employees suffered major injuries (Health and Safety Executive, 2013).

According to the Health and Safety Executive (2012), 80% of all reported injuries occur during collection and sorting activities. This is because collection work is undertaken on public roads, in constantly changing conditions, without direct supervision and where employees are more likely to encounter risks that are not within the control of their employer (Health and Safety Executive, 2012).

To improve the health and safety record of the waste and resource management industry, WAMITAB has developed a number of qualifications that include basic health and safety units. Please use the links on the right to find out more information about health and safety in the waste and resource magement industry.