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Please note: all documents were accurate at the time of publishing (07/04/14) - refer back to the author's website for document updates.

Environment Agency Documents (Relevant to Continuing Competence):

Agriculture and the Water Framework Directive

Additional Guidance [EPR 5.02] for: Landfill and other permanent deposits of waste

Environmental Permitting Regulations: Inert Waste Guidance

Environment Agency: Technical Competence July 2004

Environmental Permitting Regulations (England and Wales) 2007

Environmental Permitting Regulations (England and Wales) 2010

FAQs Soil/Land and Groundwater Remediation: Mobile Plant Permits and Deployment Forms

Getting the Basics Right - Environmental Permit

Generic Risk Assessment for Draft Rules Set Number SR2010No15V2.0

GN04 WEEE Evidence and National WEEE Protocols Guidance

Guidance for Monitoring Trace Components in Landfill Gas

Guidance HWR03a

Guidance HWR03b

Guidance HWR05

Guidance Note WMP7

Guidance Notes – Application for Deployment

Guidance on the Management of Landfill Gas

How to comply with your environmental permit – additional guidance for: Clinical Waste

H4 Odour Management

Hazardous Waste

Horizontal Guidance for Noise Part 2

Horizontal Guidance Note H1

Horizontal Guidance Note H6

How to comply with your Landspreading permit

How to comply with your environmental permit (EPR 1.00)

How to register your premises 

LFE4 Earthworks in landfill engineering

LFE5 Using geomembranes in landfill engineering

LFE6 Guidance on using landfill cover materials

Pollution Prevention Guidelines above Ground Oil Storage Tanks PPG2

Pollution Prevention Guidelines Dealing with Spills PPG22

Position Statement: Composting and potential health effects from bioaerosols – our interim guidance for permit applicants

Quality Protocol: Anaerobic Digestate

Quality Protocol: Compost

Remediation position statements

Review and investigation of deep-seated fires within landfill sites

Small businesses a guide to hazardous waste regulations

Standard rules SR2008No20_75kte

Standard rules SR2008No21_75kte

Standard rules SR2008No27

Standard rules SR2010No15

Standard rules SR2011No2

Standard rules SR2011No3

Sustainable management of bio wastes

Technical Guidance WM2 Hazardous Waste

Technical Competence For Operators of Authorised Waste Facilities (NI, 2003)

TGN02 Monitoring landfill leachate, groundwater and surface water

Treatment of waste for landfill

Use of waste in construction

Waste acceptance at landfills

Waste crime innovation programme ELV

Waste sampling and testing for Disposal to landfill

Waste Exemptions Review

Health and Safety Documents (Relevent to Continuing Competence):

HSE (2009) Chemical Warehousing

HSE (2013) Confined Spaces

HSE (2013) Dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres

HSE (2013) Health and safety training in waste management and recycling

HSE (2012) Health and safety training

HSE (2013) Orphaned gas cylinders in the waste and recycling industries

HSE (2007) The safe recovery of petrol from end-of-life vehicles

HSE (2013) Workplace transport safety

Other Documents (Relevant to Continuing Competence):

Animal By-Products (Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2013

BIS (2014) WEEE Regulations 2013

BIS (2011) Removal of LPG Tanks: Guidance

Composting Association (2007) Industry guide for prevention and control of odours

DCLG (2009) Understanding permeable and impermeable surfaces

Defra (2011) Depolluting end of life vehicles guidance

Defra (2009) Good practice and regulatory guidance on composting and odour control for local authorities

Defra (2001) Guidance note for the control of pollution (oil storage) (England) regulations 2001

Defra (2006) Guidance on Treatment Recovery and Recycling Techniques WEEE

Defra (2007) Hazardous Waste Regulations Guidance on mixing hazardous waste

Department of Health (2013) Environment and Sustainability Health Technical Memorandum 07-01

Environmental Permitting Operators Certificate (EPOC)

Establishing criteria and procedures for the acceptance of waste at landfill (2002)

Explanatory Notes - Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

WRAP (2005) Quality protocol for the production of aggregates

The waste (England and Wales) regulations 2011

Waste management duty of care code of practice

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WAMITAB Documents:

WAMITAB/CIWM Operator Competence Scheme

Level 4 Structures

Level 4 NVQ Qualification Structures (2003-2010)

Please note: all documents were accurate at the time of publishing (07/04/14) - refer back to the author's website for document updates.